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Spanish Grammar
Add to favourites SPANISH GRAMMAR - Spanish grammar rules are tricky. This ebook will teach you in great detail and simple steps, the rules to help you to learn Spanish Grammar effectively. You will learn grammar structures in 25 easy to follow lessons and 4 added appendices, all illustrated with examples. Use it in conjunction with other ebooks from the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series”.
Spanish Words by Topics
Add to favourites SPANISH WORDS BY TOPICS - A comprehensive list of Spanish words by topics to help you to communicate at school, on holiday, in a restaurant etc. You will increase extensively your Spanish vocabulary in different situations, enabling you to confidently engage with Spanish people. Use it in conjunction with other ebooks from the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” to learn more.
Spanish Conversations
Add to favourites SPANISH CONVERSATIONS - This ebook about Spanish Conversations is part of the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” of ebooks, and will teach you typical conversations for many everyday scenarios. Learn to communicate with Spanish speakers in different situations that you can encounter and feel confident to recognise questions and answers without causing embarrassment or misunderstanding.
Spanish Vocabulary
Add to favourites SPANISH VOCABULARY - Expand your Spanish vocabulary with this comprehensive collection of groups of words and short sentences. You will learn important vocabulary here. These words and sentences are very informative for the different situations in the daily lives of Spanish people. Used in conjunction with “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” ebooks, this ebook will be invaluable.
Spanish Dictionary
Add to favourites SPANISH DICTIONARY - This bilingual Spanish dictionary, with both English and Spanish translations, provides an expansive collection of the most commonly used Spanish words. The starter dictionary is the perfect resource to expand your vocabulary as a reference guide, helping you to communicate better when you speak Spanish. Part of the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” ebooks.
Spanish Verbs - The Art of Conjugation
Add to favourites SPANISH VERBS - THE ART OF CONJUGATION - Spanish verbs are one of the most complex areas of Spanish grammar. Learning how to use them is very important. This ebook covers 24 chapters of regular and irregular verbs. Also includes Verb Tables, grouping 108 Model Verbs fully conjugated and a Verb Index Reference. Use them in conjunction with grammar from our “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” ebooks.
201 Spanish Grammar Exercises
Add to favourites 201 SPANISH GRAMMAR EXERCISES - Want to know how you’re progressing with learning Spanish, or where to start? Try these 201 exercises to test your Spanish grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure for both written and verbal communication. This is the perfect partner to “Spanish Grammar” from the comprehensive “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” of ebooks, and will help speed up your learning.
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