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Date added: May 23, 2013
Author: Olga Fogarty

Spanish Dictionary - Part of "Learn Spanish 4 Life Series" ebooksSpanish Dictionary

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ISBN: 978-1-909610-02-6 Mobi
ISBN: 978-1-909610-03-3 ePub

(a "Learn Spanish 4 Life Series" ebook)

This bilingual Spanish dictionary, with both English and Spanish translations, provides an expansive collection of the most commonly used Spanish words. The starter dictionary is the perfect resource to expand your vocabulary as a reference guide, helping you to communicate better when you speak Spanish. It may also be used to help the Spanish speaking students to learn some basic English. The easy to follow format of this dictionary has an A to Z arrangement that will help you to find the word you need quickly, and it is the perfect resource to expand your vocabulary and improve the effectiveness of your writing and speech.

The selection of the vocabulary for this ebook has the principle to include words from subjects and situations that we are likely to use in everyday writing and talking at school, at college, at home, at work, travelling overseas, having holidays or for business purposes. It is designed to be sufficiently comprehensive in vocabulary to match the needs of students in schools and colleges, adults learning the Spanish language, business people travelling abroad, while at the same time being friendly and easy to use. It is less daunting than some larger dictionaries, but more comprehensive than others, making it an ideal source for students and adults who want a quick reference dictionary.

Use the dictionary to learn some new words each day, and you're more likely to use them in the correct way because you've learned by bilingual association. This is the perfect resource to expand your vocabulary: English-Spanish / Inglés-Español and Spanish-English / Español-Inglés and you can use it in conjunction with other ebooks from the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series”, such as “Spanish Words by Topics” and “Spanish Vocabulary”.

The “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” ebooks encourage the enjoyment of language learning and recognises that language skills enable you to take your place in a multi-lingual global society. It will also help you to develop your ability to write and speak in Spanish and understand Spanish when it is written down or spoken. Anybody, including students of the General Certificate of Secondary Education, can get help from these ebooks and develop their Spanish language skills in a variety of contexts while gaining a broad understanding of the culture of Spain and other countries where Spanish is spoken.

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