What's on Spain - Introduction

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What's On in Spain - Introduction

Local fiestas built up around a particular Saint's Day are a colourful tradition in Spain. All over the world, people have heard of the famous bull-running fiesta held in Pamplona each year. What they may not know is the traditional song that counts to the fiesta, telling you when it is and helping you remember how dates are formed. Spanish festivals are exuberant affairs, the streets decked with bands playing and people dancing in the streets.

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Every village has a Saint's Day and to participate in the celebrations gives a true insight into their culture and tradition. The whole village turns out to parade behind an effigy of the Saint with much drinking and dancing as the procession winds its way out to the countryside for huge picnics and more merrymaking.

Every town has its feste major (main festival), a few days or a week dedicated to partying. These festivals include parades, processions, lots of eating and the decidedly traditions. These are usually accompanied by free outdoor concerts, fireworks displays and special cultural events.

Always is a fiesta everyday of the year in somewhere in Spain, usually more than one. There isn't a village, town or city in the country, which doesn't honour its patron saint, the Virgin or the changing season with processions, bull-running, fireworks, re-enacted battle, some ancestral rite or a Romería- mass pilgrimage to a rural shrine. Whatever the pretext, a fiesta is a change for everyone to take a break from normal life and let the off steam, with celebrations.

Festivals or Fiestas take place for all kinds of reasons:

  • National Holidays
  • Saint's days or Pagan Rituals
  • City Festive

Fiestas by seasons:

Other important articles about celebrations or fiestas:

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