Spanish Sausage: What is Spanish Chorizo?

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Chorizo is a term used to describe several types of pork sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. Chorizo can be a fresh sausage, in which case it must be cooked, but in Spain it is more frequently a fermented cured smoked sausage, in which case it is usually sliced and eaten without cooking. Spanish chorizo get their distinctive smokiness and deep red colour from dried smoked red peppers.

Spanish sausage: What is Spanish Chorizo?

Chorizo can be eaten as is (sliced or in a sandwich), barbecued, fried or simmered in stews and omelettes. It can also be used as a partial replacement for ground beef or pork. Spanish chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with smoked paprika and salt. It is generally classed as either picante (spicy) or dulce (sweet), depending upon the type of smoked paprika used. There are hundreds of regional varieties of Spanish chorizo, both smoked and un-smoked, which may contain garlic, herbs and other ingredients. Spanish chorizo comes in short, long, and hard or soft varieties, some of which are suited to being eaten as an appetiser or Tapas, whereas others are better suited to cooking. Leaner varieties are typically better suited to Tapas, eaten at room temperature, whereas fattier versions are generally used for cooking.

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