Spanish Wines - Overview

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Wine has been produced in Spain since pre-Roman times and there is a great variety on offer today, including famous types such as Rioja from La Rioja region. The key standard for the industry is the Denominación de Origen (DO) classification, a guarantee of a wine's origin and quality. Vino de la Tierra is a classification of wines below that of DO, for which over 60 per cent of the grapes come from a specified region

Spanish Wines – Overview

Vino de Mesa, the lowest category, covers basic unclassified wines. Spain is the ninth in worldwide consumption with Spaniards drinking an average of 40 litres a year. The country has an abundance of native grape varieties with over 600 varieties planted throughout Spain though 80 percent of the country's wine production is from only 20 grapes. Wine label - The label will provide a key to the wine's flavour and quality. It will bear the name of the wine and its producer or bodega, its vintage if there is one, and show its Denominación de Origen (DO) if applicable. Wines labelled Cosecha are recent vintages and the least expensive, while Crianza and Reserva wines are aged a minimum of two or three years - part of that time in oak casks - and therefore more expensive. Table Wine (Vino de Mesa) may be Tinto (red), Blanco (white) or Rosado (rosé).

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