Spanish Olives Varieties

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The most common types of Spanish table olives are Manzanilla. All olives actually start out green.

Spanish Olives Varieties

The colour and class of the olive corresponds to the ripeness of the fruit when picked

  • Green olives - picked when ripe.
  • Olives turning colour - picked before they are completely ripe, and can be dark red, pinkish or brown.
  • Black olives - picked when not very ripe and cured following which, they take on their characteristic black colour.

Some Spanish varieties of olives:


A large, rounded oval fruit, with purple-green skin, originated in Dos Hermanas, Seville, in southern Spain. Manzanillas - means little apples in Spanish. Known for a rich taste and thick pulp, it is a prolific bearer, grown around the world.


Its a small, brown olive grown in Catalonia, Spain, good for eating and for oil.


It originated in Toledo, Spain, comprises about 12% of Spain's production. It is mainly used for oil.


It was originated in the province of Córdoba, Spain; its oil is widely appreciated for its slightly bitter flavour.


From southern Spain (province of Jaén), is the most widely cultivated olive in Spain, comprising about 50% of Spain's olive production and around 20% of world olive production. It has a strong but sweet flavour and it is widely used in Spain as a table olive. It's oil has some of the best chemical properties found in olive oil, being the richest in oleic acid and vitamin E.

Spanish Olives Varieties

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