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Spain has seen a succession of cultures and the Iberian Peninsula has left a lasting mark on Spanish Culture: Spanish Language, music, art, architecture and of course, Spanish Food. In fact, many people are surprised to learn just how much of a delicious melting pot Spain really is.

Spanish Ingredients

The basis of the history of Spanish Food has to do with its geographical situation. The country is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is surrounded by water. Naturally, due to this fortunate location, seafood forms one of the pillars of Spain's gastronomy and categorises the country as having a Mediterranean Diet. The American-Mexican connection was to have a great influence on the lifes and times of the Spanish People, and on their cuisine, as did the occupation by the Moors. As each majestic galleon returned from the New World, its cargo revealed seeds and seedlings native to southern and central America to plant on home soil. Sweet & hot peppers and tomatoes thrived, destined to become the focal point of Spanish Cooking. Already, almond groves proliferated which were introduced by the Romans and loved by the Moors, and also sugar cane, oranges, grapes and saffron. Many different dried beans, some native others imported, began to make a significant contribution to the diet. The simple cuisine of roasted meats, grilled seafood's, ollas (stew pots) filled with game and local verduras (leafy vegetables) incorporated the New Ingredients to begin the evolution of the cuisine that continues today as classic Spanish Cooking.

101 Tapas Recipes part of "Learn Spanish 4 Life Series" ebooks101 Tapas Recipes

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The authentic taste of Spain is revealed in this classic ebook about the Spanish tradition of serving drinks with small snacks called Tapas. Enjoy the varied and exquisite delights of this traditional way of presenting small culinary treats. Cooking Spanish recipes is a way to know more about Spanish food. Part of the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series” of ebooks, you can look up an abundance of different dishes that will enable you to entertain guests, family and friends or simply enjoy a taste of Spanish Tapas at home. Eating out in Spain is a pleasurable experience due to the sheer sociability of the Spanish. From early in the morning until past midnight family and friends, often with children too, can be seen eating out in the different restaurants, bars and taverns.

Spanish food is wonderfully varied, depending on where you are and there are many regional specialities. Traditional restaurants originated as taverns and tapas bars serving dishes based on the local produce. Spain also has its fair share of top-quality gourmet restaurants. These ingredients make up a recipe for success. Repetition and practice are essential in Spanish cooking to learn the art of the Mediterranean food. The variety of tapas in this book provides plenty of choices to cook Spanish dishes. Tapas are an excellent way of learning about the Mediterranean Diet and because it is so versatile you can taste a bit of Spain in your own kitchen. Some recipes can be made easily; others are more elaborate. Don't get frustrated, you can adapt every recipe to your own convenience.

The ebook is the perfect partner to ebooks such as “101 Spanish Desserts Recipes-Traditional Cakes and Sweets” or “The Mediterranean Diet” from the “Learn Spanish 4 Life Series”.

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