Spanish Eating Habits

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The Spanish love to eat; they do it often, in quantity and with obvious relish. Desayuno (breakfast) is usually light – hot chocolate or coffee with Churros, feather light strips of freshly fried dough, or toast or pastries. At around 11 am it's coffee again, with sweet buns. At 1 pm, when shops and offices close for the afternoon break, many might slip into a bar for a quick drink and a nibble of Tapas before heading home for siesta or meeting friends in a restaurant for lunch.

Spanish Eating Habits

La Comida (lunch) is to most Spanish people the main meal of the day. It is taken at leisure somewhere between two and three in the afternoon. It will be at least a 3-course meal, usually beginning with soup and bread or rolls followed by a fish or vegetable course and then a substantial main course. Dessert & coffee invariably follow, although the fashionable set may choose to take these at another restaurant. In addition, of course there is wine! Little wonder that businesses do not begin trading again until around 4 pm. That is rather arbitrary; being on time is not high on the priority list here. Nevertheless, the day's eating is only half way through. Merienda – the Spanish answer to the British afternoon tea – means tea or coffee, cakes or pastries and light snacks taken in coffee shops and cafeterías at around five. Then, as business closes for the evening somewhere between 7 and 9 pm, it's back to the Tapas Bars for a drink and nibbles.

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